We’ve put together some of the questions we’re always being asked. Have a read through them below and if you’re unsure about anything, just give us a call.

Yes with enough notice we can see you at your home during weekends and we won’t charge any extra for the service. We appreciate that hard working people have sometimes only the weekend free.

A Financial Adviser has to be available when you are so working on an evening is available at no extra cost, we just ask for a few days’ notice.

That’s something that some people think but that’s usually based on a lack of understanding of what a Financial Adviser does. A simple way of looking at it rather than spending pages here explaining it is this, why do so many people find them so useful and use them to deal with such important matters in their lives? A Financial Adviser that is up to date and well experienced will look at things very differently from you and will have a perspective on things that you will not be able to replicate without many years working in the same field of expertise. You could fly a jumbo jet with many years of training yourself or you could just pick a destination and buy a ticket and let an experienced pilot take you to where you want to go. If you allow a Financial Adviser to help you plan your financial future you will have a better chance of getting to your destination and on time.

Yes we can look after your business protection and help manage your pensions we have several business clients where we provide investment and protection advice, please feel free to contact us for a further discussion in this area.

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