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NB: The value of the investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back as much as you put in.

At Lazenby’s we’re able to research thousands of different investments from many different providers to build a portfolio to suit your investment goals and attitude to risk.

We are free from provider influence and so are able to recommend investments that will be the most suitable for your investment goals and attitude to risk.

Here are a few of the types of investment we are able to invest in; of course the correct investment will depend on your attitude to risk and capacity for loss as well as your investment goals.

  • Electronically Traded Funds Investment Trust
  • Unit Trust Open Ended Investment Company
  • Offshore and Onshore Bond Investment New ISA

Investments - We will recommend investments that will be most suitable for your goals and attitude to risk.

Personalised wealth management

Life’s too short. So from the moment you meet with your financial adviser, we will work with you to understand your goals, the lifestyle you want, and how you are going to get it.

A personalised portfolio is a collection of investments where each fund aims to specialise in a single area; using specialist funds or fund managers to manage performance while we at Lazenby’s work with you to maintain the correct level of risk you’re comfortable with.

With all investment comes a level of risk, but how much is up to you. We will work closely with you as your personal financial adviser to help you understand what level of risk is within your comfort zone and offer intelligent, honest advice for complete peace of mind that your future is planned the way you want it.

Specialist trusts

At Lazenby’s we are able to use specialist Trusts for the mitigation of Inheritance Tax among other things. We will ensure the correct Investment and Trust go together to give your loved ones the money when they need it most.

There are three reasons that people generally invest money for:

  • 1. Growth 2. Income 3. Income & Growth

To see the money grow greater than the cost of living, in other words hopefully grow faster than cash or inflation, to create an income to provide for your retirement or to help a loved one, and to create an income that continues to grow over time as the original capital grows to provide a rising income for your needs.

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NB: The FCA does not regulate Trusts and some forms of Offshore investment and Inheritance tax planning.