The below testimonials really tie into our values at Lazenby’s Financial services. One of our values is ‘Customer Focus’ and this is very prominent in these videos as the customer is at the heart of everything we do.

Another value which really resonates through these videos is ‘Getting it Done’ as we, at Lazenby’s, deliver on promises to our clients and we are always solution focused.

Also, all our team at Lazenby’s plays a big part in working with our clients maintaining our ‘in it Together’ value by being always open and honest and making sure we complete work for the client accurately and on time.

Lindsay Dixon, Leeds

William Lupton, Ripon

Kieron & Sue McGeever, Harrogate

Graham and Catharine Crawshaw, Ripon

Craig Parker, Leeds

Suzie Bogle, Leeds

Alan has a rare understanding of how the world works and how money affects events and vice versa. My intuition led me to him, after I realised my last IFA's grasp of finances wasn't to be trusted in the present climate. Alan explains matters clearly and responds quickly to concerns - he is very generous with his time and knowledge. His investment advice paid for itself within a month of shifting investments through Lazenby's - we know investments can go up or down, but this was a complete turnaround for me. He should have his own show, but in the meantime, if you're looking for an IFA, look no further!

Traditionally we always kept our money in savings accounts, moving it around to get the best deal. However as interest rates have fallen we have moved to investments to maintain the value of our assets. Alan Lazenby is encyclopaedic in his knowledge as a Financial Adviser but explains everything clearly without creating confusion. From beginning to end everything is done by the book. We have enjoyed excellent overall returns based upon the investment recommendations we have received. Simply put Alan looks after our money as if it were his own.

Excellent service. Always on hand to answer questions and advise. Very informed, competent and experienced advisors

We have known Alan for some years, and have found his attitude to financial affairs to be one of true professionalism. In that time, we have been more than happy for him to handle our investments. He seems to have an extraordinarily wide knowledge of world affairs and how they might impact on the small investor. As a result he is able to give reasoned investment advice for his clients, and takes great pains to advise us properly, based on our needs, desires and knowledge. He is a caring and thoughtful person, who is very easy to get on with, and we trust him with implicitly with our investments. We feel very comfortable welcoming him into our home or by telephone to give us advice.

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