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Ethical investing is the practice of considering an organisation’s values as well as its profitability when deciding to invest. Otherwise known as responsible investment, the term covers issues relating to how a business approaches issues such as climate change, health issues, workers’ rights and arms sales.

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What is ethical investing and how do you do it?

To avoid investing in an organisation whose practices you are not comfortable with, research is required and, as with all investment funds, it’s important to make sure you’re in a position to invest.

The first step is to pick the ethical practices you are passionate about as this will help narrow your search for investments and potentially build an investment portfolio that takes multiple issues into account.

It can also be as simple as avoiding any industries that cause harm such as tobacco, armaments, or those that participate in animal testing.

A fully committed investor may look to build an ethical portfolio comprised exclusively of sustainable funds in companies with high standards regarding the environment, society and how they are run.

What are the advantages of ethical investing?

Ethical Funds are a popular choice for people with many concerns about environmental and social issues. Investing ethically can provide the satisfaction that comes from putting personal values into practice, as well as offering the potential for financial return.

Unwittingly, many people may be directly financing the arms trade, environmental destruction or human rights abuse through their Bank accounts, Life Assurance, Pension, Savings and Investment Plans. For instance, who can clearly state they do not share their Bank (and therefore their money) with an arms company, one that uses child labour to manufacture its goods or a company contributing unnecessarily to deforestation.

Much of the problem with investing lies in the fact that when the savings, investments or pension payments of thousands of people are pooled together, the money is invested on the stock market. This money is going to be invested in companies with the sole aim of maximising the return at any cost. This is your money and your future, but how can you be sure that your future is not being rapidly destroyed by your own investments? The economics of the ‘quick buck’ can be so destructive. They work against all the laws of sustainable growth, of working within the limits of the planet’s resources and the clear natural law that if we destroy our planet, we destroy ourselves.

Ethical, or Socially Responsible, Investment offers the opportunity for investors and savers to avoid the companies whose activities they would not want to support and invest in those operating within a moral framework that reflects their own moral stance.

What are the different ways to invest ethically?

Ethical investments have a lot of variations, but most typically include sustainable investing, socially responsible investing, green investing and impact investing.

Why choose Lazenby’s Financial Services for ethical investments?

Our team of fund managers has the required expertise to help you build a secure financial future through ethical investing.

As well as traditional investment advice such as inheritance tax and retirement planning, we are also able to advise on investing ethically and ensuring that your investments make a positive impact.

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What can I say? It’s all about the pots! Meet Alan, and you’ll very quickly know what I’m talking about. His knowledge and expertise in the world of investments and wealth management is truly exceptional. For a person who isn’t the best with numbers and calculations, Alan has helped me understand, plan and more importantly, put into practice a long-term financial plan that will ultimately mean I will be able to retire when I want to, knowing that my financial future from that point on, is secure. If you’re a young business owner, like me, I strongly advise that you speak to Alan about sorting out your financial future. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.


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NB: The value of pension and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested. Past performance is no indicator of future performance, and investments can go down as well as up.

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