On-Site Financial Services Seminars

Lunch and Learn Seminars

Russell and Alan are running a series of Lunch and Learn Seminars. These are suitable for Solicitors, Accountants and other businesses with an interest in how financial services may assist them and their clients.

We bring in sandwiches, crisps and cakes so the people attending don’t need to leave their office and can gain some useful information whilst having their lunch. All we need is a suitable room with a screen so we can project our slideshow to the audience. The seminar lasts about an hour.

Seminars Adapted to your Interests

The Lunch and Learn Seminars are adapted to suit the interests of the particular business we are visiting, so for example we have a Sipp expert from Dentons who is happy to come in and talk in depth about owning a commercial property through a pension.

If the business we are visiting does not express any particular area of interest then we will cover the following topics:

Arrange your Lunch and Learn Seminar

The seminars have been well received by those who have had them. One Solicitor commented how it had been “very useful indeed.”

If you feel your  business and staff would benefit from a lunch and learn seminar, we would be pleased to discuss this with you, and if you were too far away geographically for a face to face visit, then a virtual seminar could be arranged ( without the lunch.)

Russell at a Lunch and Learn Seminar
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