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Retirement Seminars

NB: The value of pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

Are you confused and frustrated with all the pension changes going on?

Do you worry you’ve left planning for your retirement too late?

Are you concerned that you might have to cut back on your holidays when you retire?

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How to Protect your Family & Money and enjoy your Retirement

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"For most people pensions are a real conundrum. However it is vital that everyone finds the right advice to meet their needs and give them the best retirement they can afford. Alan's seminars and individual advice are first class and I would recommend his seminars as an excellent starting point."

David Cawthorne - Professional HR (Human Resources) Consultant

Dir Cedar GB Ltd

"I recently attended Alan’s seminar The New Pension Revolution - Are you Prepared? In it he clarified the new proposals, how they will affect me and I left the event armed with the necessary information to make my next decision.

He had obviously spent a lot of time on preparation, it was very professional without being too slick and the audience were fully able to participate and get answers to the questions pertinent to their own circumstances. I would definitely recommend attending future seminars."

Mark Hainsworth

Managing Director

A third of the workers who retire with private pensions next year will cash in their pots, according to estimates from the taxman.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of the proposed changes, during this free seminar you can find out how to access the funds built up in your pension and at the same time avoid the associated risks and pitfalls.

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“New rules introduced in this year’s Budget allow retirees to plunder their pension pot at normal tax rates and HM Revenue and Customs thinks that 130,000 out of 400,000 will do so. The projections also indicate that Chancellor George Osborne’s shake-up is set to generate a Treasury windfall of around £3.8 billion over the coming five years as people move to cash in their pensions pots, subject to tax.”

– Quoted from THISISMONEY.CO.UK article by Adrian Lowry 8 August 2014

Join Alan for this relaxed but informative evening seminar and you will come away equipped with more information on the pros and cons of the impending legislation to enable you to make more informed choices about your financial affairs in the future.

Retirement Planning

Whilst the day you finish working might seem like a long way off, the sooner you begin your retirement planning, the more time your pensions and investments have to grow. But trying to understand the complex and ever-changing issues around pension and retirement laws can be stressful and confusing.

Retirement planning

Retirement planning - lady at a computer.

At Lazenby’s Financial Services, we will work closely with you to make your retirement planning simple and stress free. We will help you look forward to the day you retire with peace of mind that you can lead the life you want with complete control over your finances.

Together we will help you make intelligent decisions based on a number of factors like inflation and life expectancy to create a tax efficient retirement plan for your future, so you know when you can retire and how much you need for the lifestyle you want.

Existing pension plans and investments

If you already have personal or workplace pensions, and other investments, we will liaise with your existing providers so we can help you understand exactly what you have, and how they will help you achieve your retirement goals.

Based on the level of risk within your comfort zone, the age you want to retire, and the amount of money you need to be comfortable, we can help you manage your existing investments.

Using our Personalised Portfolio Management service, we will constantly review the performance of your portfolio of investments to make sure you get the best return to ensure you look forward to your retirement days.

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If you need a more comprehensive plan that plans for the major financial events in your life, take a look at our Financial Life Planning service.

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