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Middle East Conflict

What do tensions in the Middle East mean for your investments?

The tensions in the Middle East are dominating global news headlines. With major players within the oil markets involved, there will undoubtedly ...
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Evergrande, is this the next Black Swan?

First, what’s a Black Swan some may ask? This is a rare unseen event that causes significant turmoil in financial markets, think ...
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Understanding Inflation: Navigating Financial Waters

How does inflation affect you and your business? In Today’s economic landscape, it is essential to stay informed about financial trends that ...
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Simplifying Finance: Breaking Down Complex Jargon

Do you understand financial Jargon? Financial jargon can be a barrier for many when trying to navigate the world of finance. It’s ...
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Reducing Debt

Reducing Debt: The Path to Financial Freedom

Are you tired of being worried by too much debt? Ready to stop this worry? Here’s how to reduce worry and debt: ...
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Tax Efficiency

Unlocking Tax Efficiency: A Guide to Maximising Your Financial Potential

Tax efficiency may sound boring, but more money in your pocket is never boring; it’s smart financial planning that can help you ...
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Financial freedom

Achieving Financial Freedom

Today, I want to talk about a topic that’s a bit of a dream for most of us:  Financial Freedom. Financial freedom ...
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From inflation to deflation

From Inflation to Deflation

While we’ve all been looking in one direction, at inflation, few have looked at the other coming problem, that of deflation. This ...
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Bitcoin amongst other crypto

Crypto Market Turmoil

It might not have escaped your attention that the news has been full of Crypto business failures, such as the FTX scandal. ...
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Woman reviewing pension plan

Pending Change in Pension Rules from January 2023

The latest Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, is looking at yet again changing the already hyper complex pension rules. Will this ...
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Money is wet!

Money is WET!

So, does the title appears a bit odd to you? it does? Good, then let’s get up to our necks in it ...
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Making Sense of the UK Pension Collapse Rescue Plan

So, £10 Billion a day is to be used by the Bank of England to purchase long dated Gilts to drive down ...
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Currency Crisis

Currency Crisis

The Currency Crisis This message is as short as we can make it, so for those wanting a short version all we ...
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Lazenbys Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance: What You Need to Know

Why Would You Need Private Medical Insurance? The NHS is available to everyone in the UK, but many people choose to take ...
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Lazenbys Investment Risk International Politics

Investment Risk – Why You Need to Understand International Politics

Risk is central to investing. You take a level of risk with the aim of generating a return on every investment. When ...
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Lazenbys Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax Planning – What is a Loan Trust?

The Basics of Inheritance Tax Inheritance tax is due if your estate is worth over £325,000 when you die and it’s not ...
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Lazenbys Death of Shareholder

How Do You Deal with the Death of a Shareholder?

Handling the Loss of a Shareholder The death of a shareholder can change the running of your business. Because the part of ...
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Lazenbys Life Cover

How Relevant Life Cover Protects Your Business And Your People

What is Relevant Life Cover? Relevant life cover is a tax-efficient way to provide life insurance for company directors or employees. As ...
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Lazenbys Key Person Cover

Would Losing a Key Person Damage Your Business? How to Survive

The Risk of Losing the People that Matter The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the impact when businesses lose key people for any ...
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Lazenbys Young FA Blog Post

5 Reasons to Work with a Young Financial Advisor

Does Age Matter with Financial Advisors? Financial advisors are not all grey-haired men in suits. There’s more diversity than you may first ...
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inheritance tax planning

Inheritance Tax Planning: What You Need to Know

When you’re planning your finances, inheritance tax should not be ignored. In this article, we’ll look at the basics of what you ...
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inheritance property nisa

Where to Invest an Inheritance: Property vs NISA?

Where Should You Invest an Inheritance: Property vs NISA? If you receive an inheritance it makes to invest it for your future. ...
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How to Protect Your Family: Level Term Insurance vs Family Income Benefit

Protecting your family is a basic instinct. However, there are different options to choose from. In this article, we’ll talk through how ...
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time to improve your pension

How to Use Time to Improve Your Pension

Time is money when it comes to saving for your future. It’s not just about how much you save for your pension, ...
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Saved enough to retire

Worried If You’ve Saved Enough to Retire? How to Approach a Pension Shortfall

When you’re busy working, retirement can seem a long way off. However, what you save when you’re working determines the size of ...
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Did We Just Have A Dead Cat Bounce?

The phrase ‘dead cat bounce’ refers to the rather morbid idea that even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from ...
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The Emotional Burden Of Investing

Human beings aren’t known to make the wisest decisions when we are under emotional pressure. It’s easy to shout that sound and ...
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Risky Business?

When we hear the word “risk”, we automatically think of something negative. Combine that in a sentence with, “your money”, and in ...
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Is It Really Worth Paying For Financial Advice?

It’s not uncommon for people to initially feel a little put off by the cost of financial advice, especially when they feel ...
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Pensions Or ISAs: Tax-Efficient Investing For Retirement

As tax relief reduces for pensions, investors are beginning to weigh up their options for saving for retirement. With further increases to ...
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Strictly Come Dancing Competition!

Dee and Alan are raising money for Martin House Hospice by being part of a fun Strictly Come Dancing Competition. Our first ...
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The New Pension Revolution – Are You Prepared?

A third of the workers who retire with private pensions next year will cash in their pots, according to estimates from the ...
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The Needle In The Haystack – Growth!

I spend a great deal of time in front of fund managers listening to their opinions, in fact over the last two ...
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Worried You’re Taking Too Much Risk?

The first thing you should think is not how much risk, but why? I see so many people in high risk individual ...
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Are You Being Ravaged?

In my profession we have many interesting phrases from Dirty and Clean share pricing to pound cost averaging. The latest is pound ...
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Timing Or Time In?

It always amazes me that Warren Buffet, one of the world’s richest men and long standing investment guru, the sage of Omaha, ...
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Diversify Or Die?

I know I bang this drum a lot but if you go all guns blazing in one area you might do really ...
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