5 Reasons to Work with a Young Financial Advisor

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Does Age Matter with Financial Advisors?

Financial advisors are not all grey-haired men in suits. There’s more diversity than you may first think. And that includes the age of financial advisors. These days you’re as likely to talk to a financial advisor who is a millennial.

In this post, you’ll see 5 key benefits of working with a younger financial advisor.

1) Make New Technology Work for You

Technology is essential in every walk of life. But not everyone feels as comfortable using apps or software.

Young financial advisors have grown up on a diet of technology and so bring their up to date knowledge and skills to help clients. They’re adept at using online tools to find the best policies and investments, to stay on top of industry events and to follow market commentary about your investments.

2) Ideal for a Long Term Relationship

It’s a simple fact that younger financial advisors will be around longer. So they’re ideal for building a long term relationship.

Whatever stage of life you’re in, they’re able to give you continuity. You know you can talk to the same person about your financial planning and investments for years to come.

Working with a young financial advisor, also means they’re able to help different generations at the same time. For example, supporting both you and your children with relevant, tailored financial advice.

3) A Fresh Approach to Solving Problems

Financial advisors can help you achieve your financial goals. And that involves solving challenges.

A particular advantage of young financial advisors is that they bring new perspectives. A fresh pair of eyes can often suggest alternative ideas for pensions, mortgages or investment planning. And along with innovation, these new team members bring a renewed passion and energy to meeting your needs.

4) Help You Manage Industry and Investment Changes

Governments and regulators make changes every year.

One of the responsibilities of every financial advisor is to stay up to date with these regulations and rules. Younger financial advisors are used to dealing with changes so they’re able to focus on helping you through them.

5) Direct Access to the Experience of the Existing Team

All financial advisors work within their company’s structure and experience. That means whoever you work with should deliver a consistent service which is part of the firm’s centralised investment proposition (CIP).

Whilst young financial advisors may be new to their company, they’re able to rely on experienced directors and mentors. These established advisors provide guidance and support to pass on their wisdom to the next generation of financial advisors.

Please Note: The value of the investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back as much as you put in.

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